Choosing the Best Electric Razor For You

Choosing the Best Electric Razor For You

The field of electric razor industries is not as big as it was. Today, there have been a lot of acquisitions over the past years, narrowing the vast area down to a much more perfected four main brands: Braun, Remington, Panasonic, and Philips-Norelco.

So, if you are searching for the best electric razor, but don’t know what brand will fits for you, then here are few guidelines on how to choose the best electric razor for you:

  1. Technology. Before you start investigating brands, your key to usage is to think about what would be the main technology that will works best for you. Well, you would only have two options to look over: the foil and rotary. Foil technology is considered to be the oldest technology which works on the principle on linear cutting, block motion beneath on a thin metal foil that has holes within it. Rotary technology was pioneered through Philips-Norelco, which works on the principle of circular motion of blade heads that is rotating underneath on a circular foil.
  2. Performance. It is really needed for the shaver to work well and which works best for you. But do not expect for a perfect performance of the product on the few times of using it. Just take this important questions as a guide also: does your electric razors run so loud? If you take a longer shave, does you product get unreasonably hot? Can your electric razor trim beards close enough to satisfy your requirements without having any irritation? And does your batteries last for a reasonable time frame between charges?
  3. Wet over dry. This would be another key guide. Which of the two are you in favor of? As far as it shows, the Panasonic is considered the most successful razor having wet/dry features, in such a way that razor can still be used inside your shower room. Though it is not water resistant as it cannot be submerged to water, but can handle running water. Yes, indeed, it is very impressive technology, since no other kind of brand has this feature. However, it is not that necessarily beneficial for wet shaving to have a closer shave.
  4. Cleaning Station. One other key choice is regardless of whether to run with a shaver including a cleaning station. In spite of the fact that these do work extremely well and result in a shaver with sublimely cleaned heads, it is simply a comfort. Clearing out the shaver head with a brush takes just a moment. There are a few models that permit you to flush under running water, which is the most temperate other option to a cleaning station.
  5. Replacement Parts. Finally, recall that after a specific measure of time, you should revive the cutting parts of the electric shaver. A few brands charge more for their parts than others.

Now it is your turn to decide as what brand you would love to have. Good luck, and happy shaving!

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